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Boarding Up Service
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Call Our Friendly Staff 24hrs A Day

24hr Emergency Boarding Up Service Is Available 24/7 365 Days A Year. We can Respond In 1hr To secure Your Property After Vandalism Or Burglary Please Call Our Friendly Staff To Arrange Our Boarding Up Team To Visit Your Premises.

Most Glass Repairs Can Be Made While We Are on Site.

Our Services Emergency Boarding Up, 24hr Boarding Up, Burglary Repairs, Property Securing,

And We Also Have A Full Portfolio Of Account Clients That We Service Through The Whole Of The UK.

Please Call Our 24hr Telephone Line To Arrange A Boarding Up Team To Visit.

Call Free On 0800 776 5111

Boarding Up, 24hr Boarding Up, Boarding Up, Emergency Boarding Up, 24hr, 24 hour, 24 hr.

All of our engineers are City and Guilds qualified in being Locksmiths and Glaziers they all have 3 years minimum experience in their trades and are all fully trained to work clean. All of our Glaziers and Locksmiths are aware of all BS standards to do with glass and lock work. Giving our customers peace of mind when in an emergency.

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